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New Email Setup Instructions

Our Email tutorial shows how to setup Outlook Express and other email clients to retrieve email from your email accounts. To configure Outlook Express, follow the simple instructions below in the right column.

POP 3 & Webmail Access Email Account setup

POP 3 Email Account Guide

Email: (not case sensitive)
ID: YourEmail@yourdomain (case sensitive)
PW: password (case sensitive)
ID and Password are case sensitive, Email is not.

In Server:
Out SMTP Server: - or your ISP's SMTP server will also work - with some ISP's you have to use their Out Server, please check with your ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Macintosh setup example, but both Mac & PC, as well as all email software, require the same info.

Web Access (Horde) Email Guide

Accessible via any web browser from any computer in the world, with many robust features, including an online Address Book.

To access your Email via a web browser, simply add the word "webmail" and a dot "." prior to your URL:
NOTE: No "www" - "" will not work!

This opens your Horde login window (sample below).
Username: YourEmail@YourDomain (case sensitive)
Password : password (case sensitive)
ID and Password are case sensitive (lower case - no caps)

Web Access login window

This will bring you into your main window.
Click "INBOX" to access Email.

Once you have your email account set up, here are some
"Netiquette" Suggestions
~ Proper online instructions and etiquette ~
Above information is for ALL Email access software.
Detailed setup for Outlook Express Wizard is below

Please let us know if you have any problems with this (Serb-Art Clients Only!)

Outlook Express Wizard POP 3 Guide
Open Outlook Express and choose "Tools" from the menu bar.

Choose "Accounts" and click on the mail tab when the "Internet Accounts" manager window appears.

Click on the "Add" button and then on "Mail". The Internet Connection Wizard will walk you through the setup process.

First, it will ask for a display name. Normally your mail has these headers:


Choosing a display name of "John Doe" will result in these headers on your outgoing mail:

from: John Doe <>

Next, the wizard asks for your email address that you want people to reply to. Typing here would result in the above headers on your outgoing mail.

Next you are asked for your server information. Your incoming mail server is a POP3 and its name is your domain name:

We recommend using the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server of your ISP (Internet Service Provider), but if that fails to operate properly, you may use your domain's here instead.

Next is your account ID on our system. We provide you with a userid and password for each email we set up for you. Enter your password and ID, do NOT choose SPA and click next.

Next, it will ask for an account name that Outlook Express will use to refer to this particular account, you can choose whatever you want i.e.: "My Business Account".

If you log onto your ISP and then check your mail, choose "I will establish connection manually".

If you want Outlook Express to dial into your ISP for you, then choose "Connect using my phone line".For this, you will need to contact your ISP for instructions on configuring your dialer.

Click on "Finish" and then on "Close".

Now to retrieve your mail, in the Outlook Express window, choose "Tools" from the menu bar. 

Then select "Send and Receive".

Some releases of Outlook Express contain an error that prevents you from sending out email. If you experience this problem, please click here for instructions on correcting the problem.


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