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eCommerce - Custom Designed Shopping Carts

Thanks for your interest in the Serb-Art Shopping Cart program

The Serb-Art Advantage
There are numerous shopping carts on the internet, ranging from free - usually means everyone's ad banners are on it, and are not very flexible for your needs, to some very sophisticated but also very expensive
ones - usually requiring additional hosting fees.

We offer you a custom designed cart, with the look and feel of your site, with no additional monthly fees (on sites hosted by us, otherwise $19.95/month).

This program provides all the functionality necessary to get your site rolling down the e-Commerce highway by providing your customers with a complete and safe shopping experience.

We offer our customers a complete shopping solution, which is customizable to your specifications ensuring that we meet all your e-Commerce needs. We are committed to providing our customers with a robust, quality solution no matter what the level of functionality you desire.

Shopping Cart Demos Coming Soon!

What you get with our Shopping Cart:
A complete shopping solution customized to look and feel as you want. This includes all products, descriptions and prices as you specify. Images and logos can represent your overall site's presence, at your descretion. Accept various Payment methods from Credit Cards, Money Orders, Checks, etc.

What is involved with getting our Shopping Cart:
The Serb-Art Shopping Cart system installation is broken down into two (2) components:
1) SERVER Component installation and configuration
2) Specific Product offering installation and site design

Create and install required directories and files. Configure site for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL - provides the encryption component necessary for Secure Credit Card transactions over the Internet). Modify Shopping Cart program for your specific website. Test functionality of the installation.

2) PRODUCT component - create, customize and install your specific product categories, sub-categories and the individual product offerings. Add the personal look and feel you wish to convey to your customers.

Some of the available options help make YOUR shopping cart fit ALL your customers needs:
- Personalized email transaction notifications for both you and your customers
- Choose the methods of payment you wish to accept
- Product options which include sizes, colors, styles with ability to additionally charge for options you offer
- Specify Taxable and Non-taxable products
- Assign Product numbers to your specifications
- Choose your own shopping cart look with colors, images and logos for pages and buttons
- Additional options are open to negotiation

See Requirements below or contact: for more information.

Get Started Right Now; Email or Phone: (315) 381-3153, 9 AM - 6 PM, EST.

Requirements for the basis of our cart installs

What needs to be supplied to us for a basic shopping cart installation:

  1. Website name and URL of client.
  2. Client server must be FTP and TELNET enabled and we need the USERID and PASSWORD (for sites and carts not hosted by us).
  3. Email address of client or whomever will receive the admin emails from the cart.
  4. If the client wishes specific text to appear in the customer's email notice or the admin email notice, the text needs to be supplied to us.
  5. What methods of payment options are to be included in the cart. If credit cards are permitted, We need to know which specific cards are accepted.
  6. What specific shipping options and rates are to be used?
  7. If a product has options (size, color, style) we need to know specific values for each option.
  8. If an option has an additional cost associated with it, we need to know it (i.e. XXL + $3.00).
  9. State tax rates applicable to what states?
  10. If a product is taxable or Non-taxable, as by default all products are taxable.
  11. If an image is to accompany a product, we need to have the image.
  12. If a specific background color or image is to be used, we need to have the image.
  13. If a Logo image is to be used, by default it will appear at TOP-CENTER of each cart page we need to have the image.
  14. An image or text may appear in the footer (bottom) of each cart page. we need to have the image or text.
  15. Client may supply cart button images for main, view, empty cart, or have us create them.
  16. Client must supply CATEGORY names, SUB-CATEGORY names, SUB-CATEGORY brief descriptions (1-15 words) and PRODUCT information. The PRODUCT information includes:
    • Product name
    • Product description (1 word to many paragraphs)
    • Product price
    • Product sizes (optional)
    • Product colors (optional)
    • Product styles (optional)
    • If product is non-taxable
    • Product image (optional)

    The following describes the products/categories hierarchy:

    • Category (top level)
      • Sub-category (middle level)
        • Product1 (lowest level)
        • Product2
        • Product3
    • Electronics (category)
      • Televisions (sub-category 1)
        • Our best TV(product)
        • Our midrange TV
        • Our budget TV
      • Cameras (sub-category 2)
        • Digital Camera
        • Film Camera
        • Instant Camera

Basic Installation gets up to three (3) categories, each category gets up to three (3) sub-categories each sub-categories gets up to 3 products for a maximum total of: 3 max. categories having 9 max. sub-categories having 27 max. individual products

Cost of Basic Installation:

  • Install / configure server components = 5.0 hrs.
  • Install / configure product components = 3.0 hrs.
  • Total Basic Installation = 8.0 hrs.

Additional options:

  • (1) new category w/ up to 3 sub-categories each w/ up to 3 products = 2.0 hrs.
  • (1) new sub-category w/ up to 3 products for an existing category = 1.0 hrs.
  • (1 - 4) additional products = .5 hrs.
  • (5 - 10) additional products = 1.0 hrs.
  • (11 - 14) additional products = 1.5 hrs.
  • (15 - 20) additional products = 2.0 hrs.

Other options please contact us:


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